Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Words and Illustrations and Letters! Oh My!

Yummy, crusty, wooden letters. Brand New To Me! Can't wait to use them. These guys are 2" tall. Just beautiful. These arrived in the mail late last week. I'm trying not to think of ways to use them. Just yet. I have two pieces to finish first (one shown in previous post).

But it can't hurt to print them out once and see how they look. I'm quite fond of them all, especially Mr. Z. Wish I could have gotten an X, but there were only a handful of these available.

I also purchased a print from the extremely talented Aimee Myers Dolich over at Artsyville. This was just so me. Yeah, I'm guilty of watching the ground when I walk. Amazing things can be found on the ground. I do find, that when my eyes are on the trees and sky for too long, I find myself face down on that ground.

My subscription to the fantastic newish magazine Uppercase started last week. As the cover says, it is a magazine for the creative and curious. Text, illustration, art, letters, colors, design. Its a candy store of a publication.

And here is the newest addition to the family. The Oxford College Dictionary. I looked through every dictionary in the bookstore before I found one whose text I liked. The kid said her childrens' dictionary didn't have enough words. She's so right. But now I've got to talk her into keeping the old dictionary, cause, really, I like the way this one looks so much better.

And, yesterday there was a letter. I saw a handwritten return address and assumed it could only be something good. I don't get much mail, so this kind of thing gets me all excited. I wish I had looked more closely before I tore the envelope open. I would have realized that it came from a gallery in New York state. And that since the damn thing was so thin, that it would have been a rejection letter. Every year I enter their small quilt exhibition. Every year I get rejected. Its really becoming easier and easier. Not bothered at all. It's really not necessary to each chocolate.


paula said...

of course i think those letters are art in an of themselves...
cool you have more new fun!
love the lack of emotion of the letter. one day it will be a yes just to fuck with you.

Susan said...

Love your letters and your new print. The magazine looks very interesting because I was always fond of lettering when in school.

And about that small quilt exhibition, well they don't know what they are missing.

Colleen Kole said...

Sometimes things just don't make sense. I can't imagine why someone doesn't snatch a whole series up.

I love the letters and the Z too. It commands respect in a sassy kind of way.

We desperately need a new dictionary. But I would be way too obsessive about picking one out. So I am embarrassed to tell you the Garfield dictionary is still on the shelf:)

lori vliegen said...

oh my gosh....i'm drooling over your new block letters (am i the only one whose heart starts to race when i see roman letterforms?!!). and your print from aimee is fabulous....actually, everything from aimee is fabulous.....xox, :))

TB said...

And then one year the envelope will be thicker...keep the dream alive.