Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garbage Karma

While getting my daughter ready to take a bath yesterday, I looked out the bathroom window. Among the nasty garbage, there she sat.

The kid put her shoes back on, and we went out to investigate.

Originally, someone apparently paid $80 for her at Pier 1. She's obviously had some rough times. Anyone living in a houseful of male college students is bound to take some abuse. Up close, she looked like a mafia hit. She had been decapitated and kneecapped. However, someone had lovingly glued her back together.

She now lives on my front porch. At least until she is stolen.

I should receive a freebie every now and then for all of the garbage that comes my way from these people.

My hedge is off to the left. There's garbage piled up along it. I did not photograph that as I was being watched. My husband has spoken to the landlord a couple times when he's been spotted about the garbage problem. Apparently he doesn't give a damn. A few weeks ago, we had a terrible windstorm, and the young men who live here came and picked up garbage from out back yard. According to them, the landlord is a supreme dick. The students, the borough workers, and hubby have spoken with the landlord with no results. We have been unable to get his home address however. Does anyone know of a website, such as a real estate site, where one could get such information?

Now, I'm going to wait for some chair Karma. We've had two stolen from our front porch. I'm expecting to find a couple waiting for me in the alley.


paula said...

nice find. how awful to look at all that garbage let alone have it blowing into your yard. i hope you find a way to get that landlord to clean things up around there.

Marty Mason said...

Oh Kim...what a find! Even with glue, this one makes a front porch statement! The landlord is a perfect example of what I call a "slum lord." Slum lords are happy to collect the rent, but do not claim responsibility for allowing tenants to drag the dwelling and the neighborhood down to their level. Continue in your quest to publicly shame him!

red-handed said...

Garbage karma ... the stinkiest kind of cosmic justice.

Lemmy Caution said...

Very cool garbage find! Perfect for the porch!

jason said...


aimee said...

you need to rig your chairs with jingle bells!!