Monday, February 22, 2010


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Everybody needs a place. Their place. It does not have to be a private place. This place could be under the clock at Grand Central Station. A person must be able to be themselves in this place. Unless they are looking to be someone else in this place, but that is another story.

I think my place would be a coffee shop. Not a hard-edged Starbucks. But a homey kind of place. It could even be one of those chains. I fell in love with Caffe Nero while in London and Oxford. But there's nothing like it in my neck of the woods. There are a couple of coffee shops in town, but after exploration, I know that neither could be my place.

I want my place to be just a couple of blocks from my house. A place I would be willing to walk to on even a snowy or rainy day. Perhaps this place would be next to other places. A clothing shop, antique store, old movie theater, restaurant, florist. I may not even need anything from these other places. I just need their presence. I just need to know that if I want them, they are mine.

I think that most people crave intimate places. Wouldn't most people choose the cozy coffee shop over the airplane-hanger-like coffee shop? The small movie house over the 12-stall cineplex? A small bistro with a fireplace over a vast Hard Rock Cafe? A bench in a pocket-sized park over a monolithic fountain in a concrete plaza?

Everybody does not have to know my name in my place. But it would be nice if somebody would recognize me and say hello. I would not have to feel superior and important at my place. But I do not want to feel little and lost.

I have not found my place yet.

Have you found your place? Where is it?


Fibra Artysta said...

One of my favorite places to hole up at is the local coffee house in my town. Its an old converted house and its pretty rough looking - meaning its very well loved. Its very relaxed and they have art exhibits and music and just a general sense of welcome.

Its nothing like the devil starbucks.

lori vliegen said...

my favorite place is a little pub in downtown brussels. the maximum seating capacity is about 20, there's one bathroom to be shared by both men and women, and the floor slopes to the right as you're walking in. i don't remember the name of this place (it would be in french anyway!!), but i do remember that every time i went in, they remembered my face and served me the most delicious hot chocolate i've ever had!! :)))

jason said...

Sheesh... my "place"?
I wish I could say some cozy place in London or Brussels...but I guess I'd have to say my bed.

Sad, huh?

and like you say,
"everybody does not have to know my name there....but it would be nice if somebody would recognize me and say hello" :)

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings dear Kim,

A favorite place is a necessity for mental well being. For me it is a recent spot at the ocean I discovered after dropping off my daughter at the university. But sadly it is a great distance away and I have a strong yearning to see it again.

Closer to home was a book store that sadly closed first of the year. The weather is not warm enough for a visit to the hillside, but when I go there I have to jump a barbwire fence, the area is a watershed reserve.

Wishing you al the best,

ArtPropelled said...

Oh yes I would like a place too!
I do have a favourite Italian Bistro but its not the sort of place you just pop into for a cup of coffee mid shopping. Now I'm thinking about it ...... I think all the cosy little places close to home have closed to make way for big impersonal ones.

Kathy Hodge said...

One of my favorite coffee shops is three blocks from where I USED to live. During my 8 years in that town, I thought the only thing that it lacked was a good coffee shop. As soon as I moved two towns over, they opened one. Now, my new house would be perfect...if only it had a good coffee shop I could walk to!

layers said...

because I live on an island where we really do not have much - no coffee shop- no bookstore-- that I have made my home-- and my library-- and my studio-- and gardens-- my special places