Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Signs of the Times VIII

Signs of the Times VIII, 6 x 6"

I'm beginning to realize that this series is a bit dark. No doubt it will stay that way. I've become obsessed with the cities of the northeast and upper midwest. Old industrial cities. Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee. So much of these cities is abandoned or declining. Yet each city has pockets of new life; some of it shining and beautiful, some of it misguided and hostile to the city itself. These older cities have older neighborhoods with character. Old theaters, new coffee shops, old homes, new lofts. New life and possibility layered over the old.

Signs of the Times VIII is made with a vintage map of downtown Buffalo. It is available for sale on Etsy.


kendalee said...

I like the new series - darker, yes. But in a good, very good way!


as one of my profs told me "art doesn't have to be beautiful". indeed, he was referring to one of my pieces, that actually made a person physically sick. the prof loved that!

anyway - an artist's role, is in part, to speak truth, which, is sometimes difficult to face.

i make pieces that some look at and find hideous- and i am pleased with that, since they are a reflection of war...and that certainly is not beautiful.

dark is good.

Wiggy said...

Buffalo! Been there many times, because hubby grew up outside of Buffalo. Darn now should I buy this one too???? Hmmmmm......