Thursday, February 11, 2010


My daughter's eighth birthday party is this Saturday. She has chosen as her theme, "Wicked" the broadway show. I explained to here that most kids might not know about "Wicked" and she said, "so". So the theme is basically good witches and bad witches. We have black witch hats and tiaras to choose from. The kids will tie on ribbons to the magic wands shown above. Each kid will get to make two magic wands. I always anticipate the party craft will take about 20 minutes and they usually eat up about 7 minutes. Most of the party will consist of 11 girls running and screaming.

I spent part of the weekend and a good deal of the snow day yesterday whipping these things up. They are stars cut from glitter sticky foam and stuck back to back around a dowel. I cut out 48 of those darn things. Next year I've got to think of an environmentally friendly craft.

It is a rare sunny day here. I was going to photograph some of my new pieces outside, but since I need an overcast day for that, it will have to wait. Perhaps until tomorrow. Perhaps just 30 seconds or so. I am working on four new pieces and hopefully I can finish them off before the weekend. I believe that will put me up to 14 pieces in the Signs of the Times series.

I'm still GoogleMapping in my spare time. Can't think of too many U.S. cities I have not visited. Now I am going to some places I've never thought about before. Gary, Indiana. Shreveport, Louisiana, Davenport, Iowa. The latter seemingly a nice place to live.

Why do you live where you live? Do you live in a place of your choosing? Do you live in a place of another's choosing? Is there another place you are longing to live?


Ellen said...

what a good mom you are! I've stopped hosting kid parties and let movie theatres, swimming pools do it for me. The stars look great, it's going to be a fun party, actually, can I come?:)

I live where I live because it's cheaper than city living. But I can't help waking up everyday and feeling like I live in paradise. (Southwestern British Columbia) Within a 10 minute drive north of me is nothing but hundreds of miles of mountains and temperate rain forests that you get lost and die in and animals that may eat you. Which, I think is amazing for some reason. But being part of suburban sprawl, I'm also hyper aware (and a little guilty) that paradise won't last forever. I'm enjoying the peace and beauty while it still exists.

lori vliegen said...

happy birthday to your sweet daughter!! she sounds quite grown up to request a party based on a broadway show......that's impressive!! i'll be eager to hear how many choose the witches hats and how many choose the tiaras......

we're living here in north florida because of my husband's job, and we couldn't be more blessed! it's a great place to be.....but someday i can picture myself living in the bordeaux area of france, or maybe tuscany. i'll keep you posted on that (don't hold your breath, though!). :)))

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Kim,

Wishing your daughter a happy birthday on this Valentine weekend.

I guess I live where I am right now because of my wife's work and even tonight I was remarking that when it is time to retire that Canada might have been a good choice if it were not so far north.

The places I like, she does not.

Wishing you all the best and good luck with the party.


ArtPropelled said...

Happy Birthday to your good little witch ..... or bad? Good mum for whipping up such beautiful wands. I would have given my eye teeth for one at that age.

I am where I am because of my family. First my parents and now my husband. I would rather live in the Drakensberg or the Cape but if I left South Africa, Cornwall, Britain would be great or Skye, Scotland.

kendalee said...

Great theme for a birthday party! And aren't those wands gorgeous?! I'm sure everyone will have a blast.

I live where I live because I needed to get away from where I was living before. Not the greatest way to choose a new home town but at the time, anywhere else seemed preferable and I was offered a job here that I was quite keen on, so I moved... I'm longing to live near the sea again. Preferably where there are mountains too. And I'd love for it to be a bit warmer... Next time I relocate it'll be more about moving towards something than away from something :)

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