Monday, February 9, 2009


The big one is finally finished, except for a name. Why does this seem to always be the hardest part? I would hate to saddle a piece that took so long to make with a lame name. All in this "series" represent New Orleans. I don't know if all will have the same name and then be given numbers, or should they all have different names?

Any help out there? I would really like to get these posted on my website as soon as possible. Perhaps if I broke the pieces down, I could come up with an idea.

Each of the pieces has some water imagery in it, representing rain, standing water, or hurricane. There are homes, restored and occupied or standing empty. Outlines of homes show that some are no longer there. There are representations of foliage, green and alive or brown and dead. Black figures on red represent the life of New Orleans -- its people. Pieces that are integrated into the artwork represent those who have returned to New Orleans. Pieces that have been sewn to the top after the artwork was quilted represent those who did not or cannot return.

When this piece was completed, I thought about the price I would like to receive for it. There aren't many artists out there who receive what they would like for a piece. I am one of them. I looked up a piece of equal size on my inventory list and was a bit surprised at the price. I do feel it is time for a change. So a change is going to come. I can't put so much time, energy, and emotion into a piece and not receive what I think is a fair price. So today, while my daughter is out of school sick and I am off of work sick as a result, I will go over my inventory list and work on prices. Some will remain the same -- the older ones and perhaps the smallest.

The television will be on for a bit today so I can visit the city through Google Maps. I do spend a good deal of time doing that each day. I can't tell if it makes me feel better, or if it only increases my longing for New Orleans. Whatever. It must be done. Today I'm going to visit the Riverbend section. And later I will force my daughter to take a nap so I can get at least an hour of work done. Away from the computer.


paula said...

really good work kim, it is VERY satisfying to look at. it feels complete and full of life.
how about a name that has some sort of restructure, new orleans, something in it? new orleans structure # 1 and 2 etc? or is that too sterile for you?

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, I do want something more positive than negative & I think there is something in the restructure idea. It seems that renewing and rebuilding is what is wanted in New Orleans -- a do-again instead of a do-over. Except for the government -- I think a restructure is warranted there. Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

I love your work and I think you should ask more for it. I don't know about naming things either unfortunately. :)

jason said...

just beautiful!

and the Riverbend is cute.
Google maps doesn't do any place justice, however...I've found. :)