Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brain Freeze

No. No photo today. I was going to post a photo of our "Steeler's" snow (yellow and black), but since SOMETHING is always falling out of the sky, the old snow is lightly covered by fresh snow.

It is not darn cold here. It is not bitter cold. It is angry cold. I get angry going out to walk the dog or go to the bus stop. I get angry just thinking about walking the dog or going to the bus stop. And when I arrive home after walking the dog or going to the bus stop, I'm angry that my toes and fingers are throbbing.

I am waiting for my studio to heat up so I can go do some work. As soon as I asked for "permission" to keep on designing, my ideas dried up and I felt the urge to sew things together. I went out Tuesday and purchased some backing fabric from our teeny tiny quilt and yarn shop. Of course they did not have what I wanted, so I had to settle for something I didn't want at twice the price of what I did want. Oh well. I am not going to that big box store!!!!

I'm not sure I'm liking the direction of the quilting for the first piece. I first thought of overlaying a New Orleans street map, but decided against that. I'll keep going with the next idea I had. I was impressed by the idea when I drew it out over the diagram, but now that I'm into it, I'm not so sure.

It is been quite a while since I have put something new on Etsy or Ebay. One of my secret goals for this year has been to build up my inventory on Ebay and Etsy and blog about it. And then sell it.

Right now it is too cold to think. I'm going to see if it is too cold to do some mindless sewing.

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