Monday, February 2, 2009

Just One More

This is going to be the last piece I lay out for a while. I have GOT to finish up these first before I do anything else. I'm sure most of you can guess what my favorite creative activities are. Putting colors and patterns together. The sewing part is just something that must be done. I wish I could warm up to sewing, but I just can't. I see so much beautiful stitch work by other fabric artists. I envy them their passion. Perhaps if I met these people in person, something would rub off on me.

But . . . how can I really complain. I'm sure farmers, coal miners, hookers, construction workers, bankers, etc., all have aspects of their jobs that they do not like. I am lucky.

I really, really, really, want to set a piece of foamboard over this and keep on cutting, painting, and stamping. Can I? Please? Please? Please?


Nellie's Needles said...

IF you need permission to keep on cutting, stamping, and playing instead of sewing, I give you mine. I say go with the "flow". Who knows when that well of enthusiasm and ideas may run dry?

paula said...

i totally agree with nellie on this one...sometimes its best to lay out several things and go with that flow while it lasts. its 'brainless' the putting together of something so save all that drudgery eh?
i like this one kim, nice flow of color and energy. dont stop!