Monday, September 22, 2008

An Old Idea

The Mid-Life Crisis series is floating around somewhere.  One piece is being auctioned on Ebay, another is for sale on Etsy.  I was going to link to the series which should be on my Website, but it seems that Webmaster Hubby has not put them on the Website yet.

I finished cutting out the bee series, and covered them up until I got Mid-Life Crisis completed.  Somehow, I managed to forget that they were ready to sew.  Instead, I walked by idea board and something caught my eye.  I am surprised it did not catch my eye before now.  The little scrap of paper cut from a magazine has only been there the entire time we have lived in this house.  It may have moved here from our last house.  An idea that has taken at least 11 years to find its way into my head.

Yes, this does look quite a lot like my recent work.  However, the scrap on my wall contains most of the colors I have been working with, but also a fascinating dark robin's egg blue.  While I did not have this blue in my fabric stash (pretty astonishing), I was able to put a transparent wash of green over a light blue fabric.  Two layers of paint gave me the color I wanted.

Now I will go and sew these pieces together.  Then I will determine how to attach those floating squares.  I decided to save all quilting and embellishment ideas until needed.   This is all about color first.  I will figure out a meaning later.

Say readers, where are all of my tips on selling on Etsy?


paula said...

perfect that the mid life crisis series is floating around. cool about the blue popping out after all this time.

have you joined an etsy team blog?
thats all i know.
do you have ebay pointers? i'm starting to sell my 'found objects' that i know i wont use in art. (or at least trying to)

Ellen said...

Very nice piece. I've completely neglected my Etsy shop, but from speaking to those who are successful, spending a lot of time getting yourself known in the forums helps sales. It's pretty overcrowded there now, so team joining with other fibre artists may help too.

It's a bit of a drag having to spend so much time on the marketing, but where else really but Etsy and Ebay can you have money deposited in your bank account for your art, wearing a coffee stained bathrobe and having greasy hair? Not that I do that...much.

Anonymous said...

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