Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mini Mess

Thanks fellow bloggers for your input on how you handle your own messes.  

My mess is a bit smaller now.  I cleaned up a few projects that I knew were not going to be completed immediately (if ever).  It really pains me to do that.  I feel that I have failed.  I completed five pieces in a series of brown and blue squares.  I had about five more to be pieced together.  I stacked up the squares and put them away in a drawer.  I do feel better without those laid out on boards on the floor. 

I discovered some pillows and blankets stacked up after we had guests early this summer who slept in our attic.  I still have to put those away.

Several other pieces (the bee series) remain laid out and stacked up on foam board.  I really want to complete them, but I know I have to finish up the "Mid-Life Crisis" series.  I find it very hard to complete any piece.   I love the stamping of the fabric, the cutting of squares and the placement of colors together.  I'm just not much on the quilting part.  The "work" part.  I need to put on some aggressive music and get it done.

I also have drawers of unwanted fabrics.  I have flat file drawers full of 2" squares.  Thousands of them.  I used to have a thing for watercolor quilts.  I have no idea what to do with these squares.  I probably have 20 drawers full of these squares.  Then there are the starched pieces!  I used to do mixed fabric and paper collages (will show photos if requested).  These collages involved the starching of several square acres of fabrics, then cutting out flowers, vines, etc.  So I have drawer after drawer of stiff little vines, veggies, fruits already cut and ready to use.  But I know I will never use them again.  Should I try to relieve myself of these through Ebay?  Will anybody buy them?  I have so many supplies now that do not have homes because of lack of space.  Get rid of the squares and bits, and I will have plenty of space.

So, off I go to do some sewing.  After I get that load of laundry out of the wash.  And take care of those important sticky note messages that are covering my back door.  And I think there is a hairball that needs my attention.

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