Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hocus Focus

Here is one of my new pieces from the "Mid-Life Crisis" series.  Perhaps another detail or two to add.  Then I must sew on the dreaded hanging sleeves.  The most hated part of the job.  I often put it off until I sell a piece or have to hang my pieces in a show.  Then I feel pressured.  But who wants to sew (by hand) hanging sleeves? 

I am somewhat proud of myself in doing this series.  I set a small goal of completing 4 pieces.  Then when the tops were completed, I went straight into the quilting process.  That often is put off for weeks or months, as I want to begin designing something new immediately.  If I can do the hangers next, it will be an amazing feat for me to complete a series before moving on.  Think I can do it?

I must focus.

I find that a hard thing to do.  Since I am able to get back into the studio again, I am like a kid in a candy store.  I want to jump from oranges to reds to blues to yellows to browns to blacks.  I want to get into galleries.  I want to enter shows.  I want a quilt to show up in Lark Books upcoming 500 quilts book.  I want a greater Ebay presence.  I want a greater Etsy presence.  I want more marketing power.  I want to sell from my website.   I want to sell from my home.  I want to create a newsletter (gotta get some news first), I want to create postcards and brochures.  I want to create a marketing package to send to local businesses (health care, salons, etc).  I want to get commissions.  I want to design commercial fabrics.   I want to be a better blogger.  I want to create large, intricate pieces to get into  juried shows.  I want to design smaller pieces that would sell like hotcakes in local stores.  I want to make more money.  I want to donate more pieces to charities.


Like a butterfly, I would just like to light on a flower for a few minutes and soak up some sunlight before I take off again.

I need to focus.  I need to find something I want to focus on.  Where is the need greatest?  Do I look at the big picture?  Is the big picture too big (like an IMAX screen)?  Do I select some related details and let that lead me somewhere?

Does anyone out there feel this way, also?  Did anyone out there feel the same way, but then found their path?

Does anyone know where I can order a set of blinders?  Should I make them myself?  Could that be a new business idea?


paula said...

such passion such fervor
such suchness
great to read all this, it's about time yes?!
I can kind of relate to the end of the piece thing even if I use nuts and bolts instead of sewing. I used to really hate finishing the back end of work and now I do it before I'm done, that way when I'm really done it is enjoyable and not deplorable.
i think it's good to spread the seeds and energy around to all those things and see what 'catches'. I'm sure many do it the other way, it's a matter of taste and attention span.
love your mid life crisis works,
who knew it could be so BRIGHT!!

Ellen said...

nice vibrant work.
You've pretty much articulated how my brain worked for about the last...oh... my whole life?! I suppose. But, somehow, something switched this year and I finally feel truly focused - art first, marketing second. I think it has something to do with my kids getting old enough for me to get out of the exclusive 'mommy brain' and me getting into my forties. But sheesh, sometimes it feels annoying it took me this long!

Unknown said...

I certainly understand all the "I want to's". I feel full of them most of the time. How does anyone ever finish anything?
I found you through self taught artist's links.
I'm not an artist. I wish I had the talent. I take photos, write for fun, don't sell anything. My day job is I'm a doctor.
Like the midlife idea. I'm dealing with those issues myself.