Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not Too Cute

I’ve never been a fan of cute. I just can’t produce cute. I don’t dress cute. I don’t act cute.

Cute does have its place. I like puppies, kittens, chicks, piglets, and sometimes the color pink. I like children’s clothing and children’s toys.

If you’re under 10, its ok to be cute. When you’re 40 and cute, well, its just a bit frightening. Unless, say, you are designing for children.

Today I went shopping for my six-year-old daughter. She is cute. She likes cute. I bought her some cute things. I only have a bit of time left to do cute before she gets too old. We finished shopping, and now I am done with cute for a while. My limits have been reached.

My daughters favorites:

Color: pink, purple
Animal: lions, hippos, animal babies of all kinds.
Food: mac’n’cheese
Drink: juice, milk
Outfit: dress/tights/sparkly shoes
Stuffed animal: Webkinz baby duck
Actress/Actor: Simba, Cinderella, Mary Poppins
Movie: The Lion King, Lion King 1 ½, Lion King II
Least Likely Nickname: Quiet Girl, Wallflower

My favorites

Color: black, brown, orange
Animal: Elephant, llama, chipmunk (oh, that one is a bit cute)
Food: Lamb, mushrooms
Drink: Wine
Outfit: jeans/sweater
Stuffed Animal: little pug on my bed (oops, cute again)
Actress/Actor: Any actress that makes it to her 40s and plays the part of a real woman, not a crabby dowdy bit character that is only there for comic relief. A 40+ actress that looks her age and acts her age. One that’s not too cute. William Hurt, Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub.
Movie: So many – see my profile
Least Likely Nickname: Bubbles