Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog Worthy (Not)

Well, it has been a week since my last post. I have been a bit busy and have traveled a bit. There is really no excuse for not posting, though. I've just had a bit of difficulty coming up with some blog-worthy topics.

Today is no exception.

I have thoroughly updated myself on those blogs listed on the right. I have updated my ebay listings. I really have nothing to do.

Why not go to my studio? Well, can't get there. I have 4 plastering men in my living room today. They have filled the room with scaffolding and I cannot reach the stairs to climb to my studio. I am stuck downstairs. Can't reach the upstairs bedrooms. Can't reach the upstairs bath. I'm sharing the downstairs bath with the 4 plastering men. They must drink a great deal of coffee. They use the bathroom a lot. And leave the seat up. They also have the front door open. The scaffolding is in front of the door and the door cannot be closed. The scaffolding cannot be moved because it fills the entire room. I am cold. Well, the right side of me is cold. The left side is warm. Thank heaven for space heaters.

I guess I could find some paper and do some sketches. But I find it somewhat difficult to work hearing 4 plastering men discusses selling used car parts, whistling to music, and making loud plastering sounds. Plastering is not as quiet as one would assume.

So, today, I will do computer things. I do apologize that I am not doing exciting computer things. I will save that for another day.

How long does plastering take?

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emily dg said...

Nice to meet you, Kim! I love your work...vibrant and full of life! If you ever would like to display some of your work, I'm the director for the Quaint Corner Children's me if you're interested.

I'm glad to meet some more artists in the area. :)