Monday, March 17, 2008

TV: Satan or Saint

I have been doing a bit of blog surfing this morning. Of course, I should be in the studio. I just was. I'm just waiting for a bit of paint to dry.

I discovered an interview with Laura Frankstone through the Artful Parent, a blog I will have to read more of.

(Sorry about the crappy links. It is Monday. I did my best. I hate doing links. The artful parent is at The interview was done on March 10. Scroll down on the artful parent blog to find it. If anybody has helpful linking tips for me, send them on.)

The interview concerned raising creative children. Something I most definitely am trying to do now. I think I am doing a fairly good job at this. My daughter has a creativity table available to her at all times. Markers, crayons, paper, scissors, glue, loads of colorful collage paper, etc. We do many projects together and one of our (my) favorites is collage. I love to make quilts out of paper & sometimes my daughter follows along, sometimes she does her own thing. We also attend museums as a family & talk about our visits later. She already draws better than I do. She undoubtedly feels less inhibited about creating art than I am.

The interview mentioned turning off the television. For good. Many of the comments regarding the post mentioned that turning off the television was one of the best things they have ever done for their children.

There is plenty bad about television. I've seen first hand through volunteering at my daughter's kindergarten class how detrimental it is for 5-6 year olds to watch "Cops". There are parents who use the television as a baby sitter. There are children out there who watch whatever and whenever they want. That's bad.

What's good, you ask. My daughter is quite a fan of Mr. Rogers. We have saved some of his shows for future reference. My daughter was thrilled to find Eric Carle, one of my daughter's favorite authors demonstrating how he creates his art work. Through this show she has seen Chinese ballet, learned about musical instruments, visited France, etc etc etc. Then there is "Sesame Street". Nothing but learning there. Has anyone seen "Harold and the Purple Crayon"? It shows children they can imagine anything & draw it also.

I say, give 'em a show a day. Let their tired little bodies sit on the sofa. That brain will still be working. Pick those shows carefully. Watch with them if you can. Talk about the show later if you can't. I often do work on the computer in the next room while my child watches. She thinks it is great when I hear something fascinating and come running in saying, "Wow, I didn't know that!"

Perhaps I should watch more children's television. Are there anymore good shows out there?

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Unknown said...

My interest in TV is waning and the writers strike didn't help. We used to love what we called "Good TV Night" which was NBC on Thursday - Friends, Seinfeld, (two other sandwich shows) then ER. I think there are too many choices now so I never know what to watch when. I still have some guilty pleasures (like TOP CHEF and *VBG* Cashmere Mafia - but I don't think it's on any more), but I'd rather watch a night or two of Netflix movies and spend the others in my studio. My hubby likes TV, so I'm anxiously waiting for the end of this year when we are adding a combination TV/studio room to the house. Best of both worlds!