Monday, March 24, 2008

New Series?

Here are two additional pieces that go along with similar pieces in recent postings. They have recently emerged from a mental picture that I have carried around since late last October.

The sidewalks were covered with maple, gingko, oak and other leaves. A scattering of pink petals lay on top. The colors together clashed a bit & that is what made an impression on me. The colors still looked magnificent together & I knew that one day I would create a piece based on that vision.

After piece one was "completed", the remaining scraps begged to be used. I "completed" another piece, 4 inches smaller in each direction and somewhat darker. After piece two, the scraps begged to be used. So I made another piece, 4 inches smaller in each direction and somewhat darker. When piece three was "completed", a forth had to be done, once again 4 inches smaller and somewhat darker.

These pieces desperately need to be named. All of my thoughts so far have seemed quite dull. Autumn Carpet, Indian Fall, etc. I sure would welcome any suggestions.

I will be posting these on my website & will probably be putting a couple on etsy and ebay.

Perhaps one day I will create another Spring piece. But right now, these colors are in my head & I must follow my head, right?


Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
How about using "spice" somewhere in the description? That's what I think about when I see these. The colors are fabulous! I haven't forgotten about your commission question. I will reply later tonight. Aloha, Dianna

Kim Hambric said...

Dianna, there is definitely some spice in these pieces. I know I have also seen these colors together in a photograph in an Indian cookbook -- spices in bowls laid out on a pink sari. MMMMMMM. I am surprised I had the nerve to do several pieces that combined red, orange and PINK. I do wonder what others think of this combination.

Unknown said...

Kim, please contact me with your email address so I can respond to your commission question off the blog. I looked on your profile but couldn't find your contact info. My email is Thanks!

Nellie's Needles said...

YUM! for the eyes and the soul. I can almost feel the sensory experience of seeing those fallen petals among the leaves.