Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Itty Bitty

Here is another little piece (10x10") that I hope to get onto Etsy soon. Perhaps this weekend. This is my fourth itty bitty. None have been named yet. These itty bitties are part of my limited challenge to do a quilt in a day. NOTICE, I did not say a quilt a day. That will not be happening.

Having recently mailed off a large commission, and having another just waiting to get started, I wanted to take a bit of time & do only what I wanted. Quickly. It was fun, but even though there are several more ideas laid out on my worktable, I think this challenge may be over. Onto the next commission.

The new commission is for an "acryliquilt". These are "quilts" glued to canvas or illustration board. I did these several years ago and then quit -- for reasons that are now coming back to me. I thought sewing was slow and monotonous. So I began gluing fabric instead of sewing. Sounds quick and easy doesn't it. NOT. First, I cut fabric a little larger than what is required for the "quilt". Then I starch the fabric. Over and over until it is stiff enough to glue. This is a long and mind-numbing process. Then I prepare the illustration board by coating it with gesso. Once this has dried completely, I draw out the plan lightly with pencil. I must measure exactly. Then I cut the fabric. I must measure exactly. I glue the pieces down onto the board. Each piece must meet the next piece exactly, or else, when the piece dries, there will be a white gap between the pieces. I must make sure that no cat hair, dog hair, my hair, dust bits, glue bits or ANYTHING gets stuck to the fabric. After this dries, I spread on a mixture of matte and gloss acrylic medium. I must make sure that none of the above bits get stuck onto the piece. I glaze again and again. Then the piece must be framed. I remember why I went back to quilting.

Anyway, when a friend and neighbor saw a large "acryliquilt" hanging over my mantle, I was asked whether I would make one for her. I said yes. WHY? I am now in the midst of starching and starching. There may be another commission coming from the same person. I hope it is for a quilted piece.

After updating Etsy, I need to do a bit of research for juried shows that are right for my work. No, I'm not quite up for Quilt National, but if anybody has any suggestions for good shows, please let me know.

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