Thursday, April 12, 2012

Places People Go

Places People Visit, 5x5" collage on board, ©2011 Kim Hambric

We spent a long Easter weekend in Charleston, SC.  I have been feeling the NEED for a southern city for a long time now.  As soon as I saw my first Palm tree (or was that a Palmetto) something inside of me shifted and I felt right with the world.  It very seldom happens that I feel right with the world, so I decided to enjoy that feeling as long as possible.

I did take some photos, but since I used my iPhone instead of my "old" camera, I am unable to post them yet.  I do not know how to get them from there to here.   I'm SO embarrassed to admit this.

It was an eating vacation, as most of our vacations are.  When presented with good restaurants we go weak in the knees.  And then we go in.  And eat.  And when a quaint little street strings together coffee, gelato and croissant shops, we don't discuss or negotiate, we just go into all of them.

In just a very short time, we discovered our place -- Kudu coffee and beer.  One can visit in the morning, when it is chilly and get a latte and read a magazine.  Then, one can return in the afternoon for another coffee.  Then one can return before dinner and get a beer sample and chill out in the beautiful courtyard while gazing at crumb-dining birds and gentle decay.

I am easily enamored with places where I can say hello to someone and get a hello in return instead of a frightened or sour look, and where a three-foot-square plot of land can be turned into a stunning garden.

When can I go back?!?


paula said...

i'm so happy you are feeling good and enjoying yourself!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

I LOVE Charleston!! I lived in Columbia, SC during my high school years and visited there often....have been back a few times since, but not for many that we're in the midwest, Charleston is a very faraway place. It is most charming and so glad you had a great time!

ArtPropelled said...

Don't be embarrassed. I can't even send photos taken with my phone. You won't believe the acrobatics when trying to send my daughter a quick peek at the cushions I wanted to buy for her. Grrrr. Glad you had such a lovely time. The right coffee shops are VERY important!

Susan said...

Lucky you. I can see from your piece that it has added a spark.

Susan said...

OH MY! I just noticed this was an older piece. But I do not remember it, it has such energy.