Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Pulse of Mixed Media

Yep, my secrets and passions are in this book.  Not in great quantity however.

There are plenty of secrets and passions of other artists, though.  I have carried this book with me everywhere the past couple of weeks and I have read and reread it.

I have also written a review for Amazon:

While I enjoyed looking at the mixed media art in this book, I must say it is the text that I found most compelling. This is not a how-to book. There are no projects and no exercises. This book is a look into the minds of the artists themselves. We get the see the artists in their personal environments -- the inside of their heads and hearts.
After reading an earlier review, I do have to say many of the artists here have been in other books. In the Pulse of Mixed Media, I have learned far more about them than I have in those other books. However, there are MANY "new" artists here that I have never heard of before. I'm enjoying my coffee breaks from my own art studio while looking at their blogs and websites. 
My only complaints: I wish there were more photographs (some artists do not have photos of their work), and I wish the book could be longer.
Hopefully Seth Apter will come out with another edition?!?
Yes, I purchased my edition from Amazon.  I live in a retail-challenged area so I had no choice.  Remember, support your local bookseller!!!


Seth said...

Thanks so much Kim for being a part of the book and sharing your art! And thank you for spreading the word with your very nice review.

ArtPropelled said...

I enjoyed your review Kim. Still waiting for mine! I've no doubt it has reached South Africa but probably still has to wend it's way from post office to me.