Monday, January 9, 2012

As Clean as it Gets

Looks like a pretty clean slate to me.  I reach this point about once or twice a year.  My own version of shock and awe.  It is quite temporary, though.  The studio no longer looks this way.  This is last Wednesday afternoon.  By Thursday morning, new projects were started and the bits started gathering and reproducing.

I'm not one of those people than be called an optimist.  I am not cheery.  Not enthusiastic about the unknown.  I hold grudges.  My least likely nickname is "bubbles."  Last year wore me down.  Family illness and death, lack of sales.  The usual central Pennsylvania gray and cold.  This year does not promise to be any better.  But, I've learned (finally) after 48 years of living that things cannot remain the same and get better at the same time.  I can't rely on the outside world to make any improvements on me.  Something must be done.

I have signed up for Stephanie Levy's e-course, Creative Courage.  I'm not a class-taker.  I think the last thing I tried was an 8-session evening painting course for absolute beginners about 11 years ago.  I want to have high hopes that this course will change my life.  However, I am a complete cynic and expect nothing of the sort.  But I have to be just a little bit open.  I have to crack the door.  I do not promise to give you any updates.  Perhaps I won't feel updated in the least.

But, here goes.  After I finish the dishes and put on some earrings.  Earrings?!?  Yep, I don't feel dressed without them.  And I know some jewelry makers out there that will NOT be laughing about this.


ArtPropelled said...

Bravo! Your clean studio is impressive and I'm glad you've signed up for the Creative Courage course. Hopefully you will share a little..... and I'm smiling at the earrings because I know they will bring you luck.

red-handed said...

Hey, I'd consider you an optimist. Anyone who creates things is an optimist.

You're just a bit crusty about it, that's all.

Jodi Wiley said...

Your studio looks great! And I feel exactly the same way about earrings ;)

Susan said...

Yes, I hope that you will share something from your course.

Also Hogie, will you come to my house and clean my studio up? It is small and cramped and I have way too much stuff.

2012 will be a good year. Keep repeating this.

paula said...

will look forward to hearing how that experience goes!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

I'm with you!!! Wishing you a new and different kind of filled with hope and promise! I get down about many things as well, but also know that my own attitude can mean everything can also provide instant change in the way things look! Enjoy the course and see where it takes you!!!