Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This is a word I use frequently.

Maybe, 6 x 6"  ©2011 Kim Hambric
Other frequently used words:  I don't know.

I starting making these collages late last year, after my mother's decline.

Knowing (somewhat vaguely at the time) my mother's condition, I suddenly felt I had no patience for fabric.  I didn't want to locate fabric that suited my needs.  I didn't want to sketch and cut and sew.  I wanted immediate results.  I realized that I no longer had all the time in the world to get done what I wanted to get done.

Not that I've gotten much done over the past several months.

I still do not know where I am going in my art.  I don't know if I will stay with collage.  I do feel that there's so much more to explore with collage, though.  So I'm sticking with it for now.  I'm having fun and I think I'm managing to get out some frustrations and unfinished thoughts.

I've made loads of these collages.  I would say that I've got another 30 or so that are completed.  A couple others are in the works.

I have no intention of framing any of these.  I think they need to stand on their own.  The art runs up to the edge and gives the impression of running over.  To me, to frame them would be to tame them.  Or kill them.  And no, I'm not just being cheap.  This is what I feel like now -- unfinished and on the edge.  I guess my artwork is reflecting that.

I'm not doing what all the other artists seem to be doing:  setting goals, marking achievements, reaching buyers and galleries far and wide.  I'm holed up in my studio, painting, cutting, gluing.  Perhaps it's enough for me right now.

Perhaps not.


I don't know.


deborah from collagewhirl said...

If you have 30 of these that's HUGE! I really like how they all have some sort of feminine shape somewhere that gives them a human element. It sounds like you are on the right path...for you.

Kelly M. said...

It's good to hole up and lay fallow for awhile. Don't beat yourself up, just let those edges wander off the page. I sometimes feel that, as we approach a new season, we rest in some kind of limbo. Just have to roll with it and see where it takes you, right? Love this entry; will return to see how you're doing!

Susan said...

Ahhhh Hogie, I feel like it has been a lot longer than it really has been since I was able to read your blog. I can truly understand the road you are on right now. And working with collage opens a variety of doors to the use of soooo many different mediums.
And I question your remark about not getting much done over the past several months and then you later say that you have made a load of these collages. I mean 30 is awesome! I wish I could say the same.