Monday, August 8, 2011

Boxes Full of Inspiration

When my creativity is slumped in the corner like something that's been shot, I just head to my boxes of papers . . .

Pre-painted and stamped papers and vintage book pages.

Stamped tissue papers -- almost transparent when glued.

Words!  Words!  Words!  I'm thinking about soliciting envelopes of words from my readers.
Anyone interested?

. . . and carry selected bits and pieces to my work table . . .

The drafting table where I do most of my work.

One of the foamboard sheets I use to test stamps and protect my table.
No, Hilton Hotels, you are not getting your door key back.

and hopefully, something soon comes of it.

Particularly Beautiful, 6 x 6", ©2011 Kim Hambric

This piece now on Etsy.


aimee said...

COOL! Thank you for sharing your process with us -- what magic to see it all come together!

Susan said...

Lovely piece you have there. I always get inspired when I view your work. Love that you showed us what can get your inspiration going.