Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer in the City

Me, 6 x 6" collage on board, ©2011 Kim Hambric

You, 6 x 6" collage on board, ©2011 Kim Hambric

It's finally hot enough here in central PA to put those window units in.

Also, it's time to put these cool and refreshing pieces in my Etsy shop. Thanks for all of your comments on my previous post.  Just a bit more tweaking to be done on the blog appearance and I (the hubby) will be done.


andrea said...

I love these!

aimee said...

kim -- i just love the roll you're on with these collages. they are just beautiful. i love every single one of them!

Unknown said...

very beautiful and special. love your blog! so pretty!

xo Miriam (following you!)