Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Favorite and Best

My all time favorite art and design books.

More of my favorite books.

The best art tool ever purchased.  I love my fabric and beads, but these guys have taken me over.  They are the most expensive art tool I have ever purchased, but they are worth it.

The best technique I have ever learned -- carving my own stamps.  I have hundreds now.  I love them all.  I even love the way they smell!

My all-time favorite and best art tools.  That's a chopstick in the middle -- very handy (much like the hand).

What are your favorite and best?


aimee said...

i'll have to check out these books -- haven't heard of most of them! those hand carved stamps = AMAZING!

Unknown said...

What a fun post!!

JustJoan said...

I have to say that I have that book, "The Map As Art" and love it, AND I just recently learning to carve my own stamps and am thorougly enjoying it. AND (one more) I enjoy your blog. -jv

Susan said...

You have sparked my curiosity concerning your selection of favorite books. I could not tell you my favorite right off the bat, but the wheels are turning.

Your stamps are great. Hmmmm, maybe you should carve some to sell.

jason said...

I love your stamps! I remember back in school gouging my hand while making a woodcut. I still have the scar.

Colleen Kole said...

Great stamps. No- amazing stamps!

My favorite things-my hands, white fabric(so I can do whatever i want to it), rotary cutter, large eye quilting needles, an antique thimble just the right size and an pair of scissors I have had for a long time. Gathered all up in an old linen bag that goes everywhere with me.

red-handed said...

Now you've got me looking up how to carve my own stamps.

Susan said...

wanted to "like" the posts after me.

Thea Belecz said...

I just finished thoroughly going over two new books that I just love: "Creative Collage Techniques" by Nita Leland and Virginia Lee Williams; "Drawn to Stitch: line, drawing, and mark-making in textile art" by Gwen Hedley. Both are fabulous. I need a new thesaurus... thanks for sharing!