Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now What?!?

Thanks for all of those comments on the last post! Very uplifting.

I've completed five more "pieces" in the past couple of days.

I want to do another, but I have to answer some questions first.

The first one is:

Now What?

What do I do with these things? I've put them in plastic sleeves for the moment, but that won't do forever.

Suppose I decided to sell them. Do I attempt to frame them? Do I just glue them to boards and call it a day? If so, what kind of boards? Should I just go ahead and begin the collages on these boards instead of attempting to affix them later?

Are there other paper collage artists reading this? What do you do?

I really have no interest in matting and framing behind glass. That kind of takes away from the texture of the piece. And I really don't want to get into the matting and framing thing again. I did that loads of years ago, before the fiber frenzy. What a pain that was! And the expense! Nope. Done with that.

I don't want to do anything too traditional. I don't want to do anything too contemporary. And I don't want to do anything too expensive and pass that onto the customer.

I would REALLY appreciate some input on this.


paula said...

as is works for me

red-handed said...

What about plexiglass? And affixing a wire to the back?

Or compressed board (you know ... that recycled lightweight stuff)? You could paint the board first.

I have the same problem with paper.

O paper!

Professor Chaos said...

I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to say that those are just fantastic! Really, just wow!

cathyb said...

Hi - I so understand your question - I always have the same problem - so excited to create something and when it's done I always say - now what!
I wouldn't frame them since people are fickle about frames - try and sell them as prints, ie make photocopies (good quality on goodf quality paper) and then sell them as prints - you can always submit them to Somerset as well!!!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Kim....for whatever it's worth, what I've done with all those 5x5" Seasons Cycles pieces in my shop is mount the paper onto tempered masonite the same size. My pieces are all collage or paintings on paper and I use Sobo glue to coat the masonite (using a glue brush, a nice thin even coat entirely covering the board), then carefully adhere the paper to the board, making sure there is even contact at all points (I use a brayer over a piece of wax paper) and then put it under weight to dry. I learned this from my husband, the printmaker. It's worked wonderfully! Then I mount two thin strips of masonite on the back (one of which has a tiny hole drilled in the center) so the piece stands slightly off the wall...floating! Voila! No frame, no glass---I'm totally over framing artwork! Can't remember the size of your pieces, but it seems this could work for you! Let me know if you need any clarification! Don't're making beautiful work!

Colleen Kole said...

I really like these pieces. I would agree with as is. Framing is really personal and sooo expensive.

Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Kim. I am right there with you on this one. I love to see the texture of the paper,paint, etc. and framing is crazy. I have thought about as is, let the buyer frame. Maybe matte them and put them in a cello sleeve?

Also, your idea of creating them on a board could be fine. These look lovely and easy!

I really love your paper pieces!