Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh, Dear! It's Deer Day!

Several weeks ago, I was invited to join several women for a birthday lunch for a friend. When told that it was on Monday, November 30, I just couldn't imagine any other commitments for that day. Thanksgiving would be over and I saw nothing on the calendar that could possibly conflict with the lunch.

I'm sure there are those out there that think that just because I work from inside my home that I just eat bonbons and watch my stories all day long. And that I probably hang out, at least weekly, lunching with other women who do "nothing" either. Aside from the bonbons, they would be wrong. I can't actually recall joining other women for lunch in the past 10 years. Being an artist can be quite lonely.

So I was quite excited to be going out.

The other day, I happened to look at my daughter's school calendar. I discovered that Thanksgiving break was expanded to cover today. Ain't Thanksgiving, though. I live next to a major University. They're in school today. My nieces both went back to college today. But for your average central Pennsylvanian, it's a holiday.

It's DEER DAY. Opening day for deer hunting season. I wonder if there are greeting cards for this special day. So, schools are closed, trash pickup is postponed, recycling is delayed. Just so folks can crank up their testosterone, grab their guns, and head for the woods. Nothing like a holiday so hunters can sit in the rain (in camo AND bright orange!?!) and wait for the opportunity to shoot a deer between the eyes.

So, I'm at home with the kid. And missing out on my ladies' lunch so those hunters can go and shoot their best buddies in the head, or foot, or back. No estrogen outing for me today. And some Clem will end up with a toe tag because he rustled in the bushes.

I'm calling this Black Monday.

Get going buddies. Them deer need shot.

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Wiggy said...

OMG!!!!! That is a riot!

Sorry that you missed your luncheon, and believe I know from when I worked and stayed home how much I enjoyed getting out and socializing with other adults.

Now if only Rudolph and Bambi keep their heads low.