Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Already Miss October

Successful Workers, 7 x 6"

Daylight Savings, 7 x 6"

I finally got into the October spirit yesterday morning. I took the dog for his morning walk; something my husband usually does. I enjoyed crunching through the leaves in the morning silence (the students were still sleeping). We later went to a local farm and purchased a couple of pumpkins which were carved after lunch. The afternoon rain stopped. At 5 o'clock we went to a little party, met some new families and had a fantastic time trick-or-treating. We then stopped at another little party, met some neighbors we had only seen in passing before, had some red wine and ate some delicious, home-made pumpkin pie. All in all, a good Halloween.

So I finally fell in love with autumn. A little bit too late this year. Yesterday's breezes removed most of the remaining leaves from the trees. The darkness while we cruised for candy mostly hid the branches still down from the winter storm. There will be a ray or two of sun today. I will look at the remaining leaves shining in the sun. Then it will all be over. The trees will be bare. Snow will no doubt start to fall (again) soon.

On the bright side, though, Target will put their Halloween items on sale today, and will briskly trot out the Christmas items.

The two pieces shown above were pictured in progress a few days ago. Here they are in their finished glory. They are both for sale on Etsy.


ArtPropelled said...

Lots of catching up to do since my computer's been out of action. Kim you were so right about the moon in that top piece. It looks even better than the first version and very striking. Glad you had fun for halloween.

Alicia Tormey said...

Hi Kim - Your artwork is so charming - love it. Thank you for stopping by my blog too!

Ellen said...

I'm absolutely loving these pieces Kim. Fall is my favourite season and only today I noticed what a beautiful one we've had in comparison to other years. I was a little bummed out realizing I've been too preoccupied to notice these past few months. So nice to just take it all in and appreciate it all. Your day yesterday sounded so lovely.

noodle and lou said...

oooh successful workers is especially charming! i love to stop by and peek at your new pieces kim! hard to believe it is november! i'm still missing summer;) heehee! xox...jenn

jason said...

Speaking of, I've already seen the christmas tree I want at a week ago.

I wish the weather would stay like this forever, but I know it won't.