Friday, October 30, 2009

Is it Really October?!?

What has happened to me this fall? I feel that it has gone right by me and I have missed it. Of course, fall has officially started a little over a month ago, but for some reason, I feel that it is over and done with.

These beautiful leaves are from last year; pressed between the pages of my geographical dictionary. I have not collected any leaves this year. In previous autumns, my house has been littered with collected leaves.

I did buy a round of mums. Their carcasses are now littering the porch and yard. I have put out no Halloween decorations. I don't even have a pumpkin yet!


October is my favorite month of the year. By far. Halloween is my favorite holiday. The falling leaves never fail to energize me. Well. At least until this year.

Perhaps it has been family illnesses. Between me and my husband, we have four aging parents, none of which live close by. It could be the lack of, uh, demand for my artwork. What has happened to my art career lately I feel I can compare to being laid off (at least I have health care benefits through my hubby's job). Our winter storm two weeks ago surely didn't help. While some streets are cleared of branches, several streets are still chest or head high with branches stacked next to the sidewalks. Severely damaged trees still stand upright with their remaining leaves still turning, but I know their days are limited. There's none of that H1N1 vaccine around these parts and I worry constantly about my daughter catching it. And, of course, there are some of those pesky political issues I will keep to myself from now on.

I will do my best to make sure this is my last depressing post. I've read those books on blogging. "Keep it upbeat", they say. I'll do my best. Perhaps I'll feel better when that dishwasher repairman finally shows up, does his thing, and I can get into the studio.

I wondering if some of this blahness can be cured by acquiring a good book. Any suggestions?

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ArtPropelled said...

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin is very inspiring. I've been feeling pretty blah myself but fortunately I'm over it. A break from the internet has actually been quite energizing!