Saturday, September 12, 2009

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You Are Here II, 9 x 9"

I have gone map crazy lately. I'm having such fun with them. So many beautiful colors. So many interesting sounding places. Such fascinating text. I must have more maps! More! More! More! I think I'm going to go ravage my glove compartment now.

I just cut into the middle of a map a couple days ago like a drunk surgeon, and pulled out a beautifully colored Mississippi River delta. I'm going to have this scanned and printed out on the hubby's laser printer at work. I'm thinking that laser printing might not smear like ink jet printing. Anyway, I must have multiple copies of that bit of map. I have a feeling these map series are going to go on for quite a while. Might have to find a way to work in a bird or two. As you can see, houses have crept in.

Essentials of Geography I, 11 x 11"

Thank you for your input on my future travel. I'm lucky to be able to make such decisions. I guess I complain bitch to my husband about his work travel, but it has allowed us to go to some very interesting cities. The frequent flier miles, frequent stayer points, and credit card credits add up!

As a child growing up in Roanoke, Va, I had never been further or is that farther north than Washington, D.C, west than West Virginia, and south than South Carolina. Until my honeymoon at the age of 26, I had never been on a plane.

Suggested cities and countries by my blogging friends: New York City, Paris, Italy, Madrid, Toledo (Spain, I'm assuming), Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Germany, Edinburg. A few of these I have already hit.

New York is only a 4.5 hour drive (sooooo glad). Usually, a visit is made possible by those Hilton Honors points.

Paris - so beautiful it makes one want to cry. The people can be so rude (by laughing at you) that it makes one want to cry.

London - twice for business reasons.

So, that leaves a lot more to be seen.

I'm interested in as many suggestions as I can get.


ArtPropelled said...

I like the new map crazy pieces and particularly the second one :-)

Toledo is in Spain, 70km south of Madrid. It is an ancient walled city. We only spent a morning there but it was a highlight of our Madrid trip. I daresay there've been a lot of changes since I was there.

paula said...

i like that you are so in to maps right now, i love maps too. fun to see them incorporated into your work. i dont envy all that traveling though, i'm not a big flyer or site seer. thank god we are all different :)

lori vliegen said...

i love the direction you're going in with your maps and houses! keep having fun!! :))

Dolores said...

Let's see, my friend lived in Edinburgh, my son lived in Amsterdam, middle daughter went to Spain (Madrid) and her friend lives in Barcelona, youngest daughter will be landing shortly in London and me? I've not been anywhere out of North America - except a week's vacation to Jamaica. There are so many places to see, I'd say just put a world map on the wall and throw a dart to see where it lands.

Chris said...

Great work, thanks for sharing. I love maps, too. We have a load of maps, many doubles. How do people from NJ end up with three maps of tennessee? We have multiples of a number of states. Do you want some?

Jo James said...

Loving the new series.
I dream of seeing/staying in every national park someday. And experiencing the Aurora Borealis in Alaska. I've never been out of the US. (Lame, I know.) I also dream of going to Oaxca Mexico for Day of the Dead.

Kim Hambric said...

I'm getting so many great travel ideas.

Spain is sounding sooooo inviting. I've got Rick Steves' Spain 2010 ready to order in a couple of weeks.

Lots of Italian suggestions.

My hubby would really like to do the National Park thing. Sounds good to me, too but . . . I'm in need of a city.

Most of our vacations "business trips" are suggested by him. I get to pick which ones I want to go to, but by golly, this time I want to put my own suggestions into a hat and pull one out myself.

I just ordered two more geography books and might be getting some unknown U.S. maps. I feel like a junkie. I need even more to feed my new habit.