Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Dream, To Travel

To Dream, To Travel -- 6x4"

This is a little piece that I am gifting to a friend and neighbor. It was supposed to be a little quickie piece but somehow took up a good chunk of the long weekend. I haven't done a paper piece in so long -- it seemed I had to reinvent the wheel on some techniques. But it was still a great deal of fun. Funny, I've been looking and looking and looking at that piece, but now that is published here on my blog, I am noticing the unfortunate placement of the lady's hindquarters over that mountain range. Does anyone else notice this?

The naked lady is me, trying to decide on her next destination. I don't think it is going to be South America. But I really liked the color of that map and wanted to use it.

I have an opportunity coming up to go to Lisbon, Portugal. It does look interesting. My husband has a conference there. Our trips quite often are a result of one of his conferences. Sometimes I go, sometimes I stay home and clean out the kitchen drawers. I do want to go to Lisbon. However, there are many other destinations that are calling out to me.

Barcelona has been discussed. Madrid looks interesting, also. There are many cities in Italy I would love to visit. And Athens. And some of those more northern cities (which Google Maps has not visited yet) such as Munich, Vienna, Stockholm and Amsterdam. Then, of course, there's Paris. I'm leaning toward the more hot-blooded cities right now. That's just the kind of mood I'm in lately. Perhaps it is a result of the cool summer we have had here in central PA. I do have an upcoming trip to New York city. Maybe that will cure my city cravings (I somehow doubt it).

What I would love from my readers is comments on any urban vacations you may have had. The good, the bad, and the ugly. My decision making skills are quite relaxed (nonexistent), so any help I can get would be greately appreciated. I also need to narrow down the playing field somewhat to limit my purchases of guide books. Remember, a giveaway might just be coming up soon.

And I just KNOW some smartypants is going to suggest Timbuktu.


Rita Vindedzis said...

First of all, I really like this piece mountain range or not. And kudos to you for sitting around naked!! LOL

As someone who went to New York this summer I could go there again and again and again and still not get my fill of that city. I dream of it. As for Europe, unfortunately I've never had the chance to get anywhere overseas but my first choice would definitely be Paris. It must be the artist in me (or the bohemian). Of all the places you mentioned Paris would be my first choice. Think of all the beautiful finds in the Paris flea markets!! And the Louvre. Oooh la la!

Chris said...

I love this collage. I think I recognize that woman. Isn't she from the nakes lady picnic my Manet? I didn't notice the mountain range until you said something.

Next to making art, traveling is my favorite. My first choice is Italy (I'm going 2010)The place is dripping with some of mankind's best efforts. But how bad can Barcelona be? Isn't there a big art nouveau cathedral there? I'd like to see that before I die.

Chris said...

Oh, I hate typos. That's NAKED lady, not nakes lady.

ArtPropelled said...

I also like this piece and didn't notice anything until you mentioned it.

I hear Lisbon is loveley though I've never been. I have been to Madrid and absolutely loved it (and Toledo was charming, close enough to squeeze into a trip to Madrid). Longing to go to Italy.
Timbuktu is pretty hot! I am very interested in Mali particularly the carving and the ancient manuscripts but the heat puts me off going there.

lori vliegen said...

your artwork is fabulous! i hadn't noticed the lady's hindquarters over the mountain thing....i was admiring the wonderful color of that map! and speaking of maps and vote goes to amsterdam and paris....and london, brussels, and the tuscany region of italy (do all those places fit on one map?). :)

Susan said...

I would have to agree with a posters about where to visit. Paris is a wonderful place to visit, and for the flea market Metz. Also Amsterdam is cool, but visiting villages off the beaten path you can see some awesome things. Germany is great Rothenburg, Dinkelsbuhl and Heidelberg. Wish we had visited Italy while living over there. Also the Alps are awesome.

jason said...

Very nice work!

I've never been to Europe, but I'd go to any of those places in a heartbeat.

Kim Hambric said...

Thanks, everyone, for all of your input. Seems that its hard to go wrong. I'm bound to like something about all of these cities, and no doubt I'll find something to complain about.

I think I'm going to invest in a Rick Steve's travel book on Spain & perhaps Italy. His maps are kind of lame but I really love his friendly way of getting out lots of information.

The hubby is always pushing the south of France -- he's been there. I have not. But I really want a big city.

layers said...

First of all, the lady's behind on the mountains does not bother me-- only the artist would notice that small bit of information as the viewer is enjoying the whole piece.
Second, I went to London and Edinburgh Scotland in June and absolutely loved both cities but I highly recommend Edinburgh-- small delightful charming beautiful city.