Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Old

Yes, it happens to us all.

There are some plusses. Getting older often means you are getting wiser. But then, so much of the new learning is a result of fighting against the world and the people in it.

Let's take the world of medicine. We can't just believe what we are told. Our doctors prescribe medications our charts state we are allergic to. So we must be constantly vigilant about our medications. We must educate ourselves about medical procedures so we know what is best for ourselves and our families. Our doctors might be persuaded to prescribe a medicine or a test just because some smooth-talking "salesman" provided a weekend at a golf resort.

I'm digressing. My mother has been sick for a week. Very sick. Actually, she has been sick for most of her life, but its not until she becomes very ill that the rest of us really stop to think about it. She has had severe problems with high blood pressure, she has one functioning kidney & the other isn't so hot, artery issues, heart issues, skin cancer, severe acid reflux. . . . . . The woman refuses to go to the emergency room. Every time she or my dad goes into a hospital a whole garden of medical issues spring up. A trip to the hospital for "minor" surgery is bound to require the ambulance tote them back for a related issue a few days later. I can understand her reluctance to deal with anyone in the medical world.

So, I haven't felt too much like posting up some lively and amusing things here. Some of you may be thinking "she's never posting anything lively and amusing ". Oh well.

And what's this about one's brain losing bits of info. after one turns 40? Isn't this the kind of thing that happens in your 80's like my parents are now? What is happening to my brain? I just got a phone call while I was writing this post. I hung up and wandered off somewhere. I just happened to walk by the office then realized, "Hey. I was in the middle of writing a post." While I was on the phone, I realized I had forgotten to put a form into my daughter's backpack. Again. I forgot it yesterday and and the day before. I even put a sticky note on the back door next to the phone. I forgot to read the damn note.

And now, as I sit here in the office, I am reading another sticky next to the computer. It says "Walmart." What? Why? I never go to Walmart. Was I going to write a post about Walmart? Was I going to protest Walmart? Should I just throw this note away and not worry about it. I've been leaving sticky notes around like Hansel and Gretel left crumbs (have I got the fairy tale right). Only now, I forget to read them, and if I do read them, I can't remember what the hell they are about.

So, I'm going to wrap up this rambling post before I get up and wander off again an


paula said...

well there is some stress going on it sounds with your mom...and you have art and child and husband to deal with, who wouldn't forget a thing or two. its all scary stuff...i dont blame your mom ONE BIT. while i haven't been sick like her, having not had any antibiotics for 20 years i always think wow if i was rushed into the hospital for something and they plugged my body up with stuff i'd probably explode. its creepy. have you watched nurse jackie? what an amazing hbo show...anyhow i used to massage nurses/doctors etc. they are (and i'm whispering here....) a mess and they are the ones healing US?

Rita Vindedzis said...

We all need to bitch and complain at times. I believe it's part of our nature. Don't tell anyone-sometimes I'll turn on "The View" to listen to while I work just to hear them bitch and complain! And it's especially hard on us to care for our kids and ailing parents at the same time. I can understand why you don't feel cheery these days. As for the after 40 forgetfulness, yes that's a fact. We all have our Walmart moments. Hang in there Kim-these too shall pass.

Chris said...

You ain't the only one sister. I don't think the problem is losing bits of brain after 40. I think that by the time you are 40 there is so much stuff crammed inside your head, some of it will get lost. Like an over-stuffed attic. I am the queen of forgetting things. I have brought my children to birthday parties on the wrong day. I have forgotten doctor's appointments and had them charge me for missing the appointment! (Thanks a lot, fuckers)

People think it is bad to rant or complain on their blogs, I think it's great. I'm glad to know I am not the only one staggering around this modern life, barely keeping it all together.

Rock on.

ArtPropelled said...

You are obviously preoccupied with your mom's illness which would make you forgetful I'm sure. In spite of feeling blah your post is amusing. Let us know if you remember what you were going to do to Walmart.

I'm just generalising here but I find that when you find something new to be passionate about the memory comes back. A new interest sharpens the senses.

lori vliegen said...

i don't think there are any rules that state you have to be lively and amusing all the happens! i'm sorry for everything that your mom is going through, and i know that you're going through it with her. i'm glad that you have your artwork to distract you....which may or may not be a good thing where the sticky notes are concerned....

hang tough, kim....i'm thinking of you! :)

Kim Hambric said...

Thanks for all of your nice comments. I need them.

As far as that Walmart note -- I even remember writing it down. I still don't know why.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh, I had to laugh, I relate to well. I cant get close to antibiotics, and those post its...I thought they were made to help Let it go, just let it go (the Walmart one.) lol.

kendalee said...

I agree that the anxiety of the situation with your mom is probably taking its toll (stress does affect memory dramatically) and I do think that it is a 40ish thing too. Your poor brain's dealing with a lot right now! I must admit to feeling somewhat reassured when reading this, so I'd like to say "thank you!" for sharing it... I thought I was the only one who does things like write reminder notes that obviously (!) made perfect sense at the time but are meaningless to me when I encounter them later. I found one recently that had the name of my boss and next to it, the word milkshake. Absolutely NO idea why I wrote it - none! I haven't had a milkshake in about 40 years so not exactly something I think about regularly, nor can I think of any reason or circumstance that would require associating a milkshake with my boss... Blank. And the wandering off mid-whatever... ;)