Thursday, April 16, 2009

Horror Flick

Have you seen any new artwork posted here lately? Of course not. There are reasons, only a few are good.

I have been preparing for vacation, on vacation, and cleaning up after vacation. Always, after a good trip, I am a little down. Then, being more or less between ideas, I do endless pacing and flipping through art magazines.

I was so looking forward to this week. A full week in the studio. Those are rare. I did a bit on Monday, and then less on Tuesday. I went up with great hope and gusto yesterday morning. I felt an idea coming on. I immediately went to stamp some fabric, but before I could get that far, I rammed my head into a shelf. It hurt. I cried. I cursed. I said terrible things about myself. I told myself to grow up and stop it and get back to work. I then stamped the fabric. After that came much pacing and magazine flipping.

I decided the best thing I could do was to run away. Now, here in State College, there is not much running away to be done on a cold, rainy day. I went to the bookstore. There were a couple of things I had in mind to purchase. I was looking for a basic etiquette book and some bookplates. Do you think I found them? Well, unless one is getting married, etiquette is apparently dead, and bookplates, I guess one does not find them in a bookstore. So I wandered off to the magazines. And there the damn thing was. Cloth, Scissors, Paper's Studios issue. Well, how dare these smiling artists have lovely, clean, organized studios. It made me feel quite grim.

So, readers, I decided to come home and show you my studio. I do fully intend for it to be on the pages of the next issue. HA HA HA.

So here it is. Get the popcorn. Remember, this is completely unedited (so obviously). My studio was not cleaned or in anyway prepared for guests. Let's see if you can understand just what my problem is.

I'm one of those people who just hates what they look and sound like on video. Please note: I am a hot babe with a smile that would sell toothpaste.


Ellen said...

Horror flick?! Not at all.I thought of doing a video post once of my studio too but you and several others I've seen have way better and cleaner spaces than I do. You're organized! That's a great space.

That's exactly how I thought your voice would sound like, interesting how with all blogs I read, everyone's voice is exactly like their written voices when I first hear them on a video post. (and that's a good thing).

Fibra Artysta said...

Its not horrifying. Your space is at least three times the size of what I have and I'm willing to bet most would say the same. You're very fortunate to have all that room to work in. All it needs is cleaning.

deb said...

lol, I laughed!! I am just moving back into my studio after months of rewiring, I am so excited to have my space back, which I might add doesn't even have walls right now, so yours is WAY better, at least most of the ceiling is up (sort of!!)and BTW I have the same green paint on my stairs, weird eh?

Nellie's Needles said...

Thank you for the tour of your "garret". It looks functional to create your art. And, yes, clearing out the stuff you no longer use or has lost its inspiration may help to energize your creativity. Of course, the light and warmth of spring as well getting outdoors to paint will help as well.

The main thing is to keep making art.

Kim Hambric said...

Thank you ladies for your encouragement. I'll try to look at my studio in a different light. However, I did forget to get a closeup of all the dead insects in the corners. Right now the place is such a mess and completely filled with items I don't use anymore -- it is SO overwhelming. I know I need to start cleaning it out, but I don't know where to begin.

I wish you all were here with bossy attitudes and heavy-duty trash bags. You could lock me in a closet (with chocolate) and then release me when the cleaning was done.

Lorie McCown said...

not a horror flick at all! You have a great space, but I know how you feel! thanks for the visit to my blog!

Rita Vindedzis said...

Your studio is quite well organized. I think it just needs a bit of straightening up and well, ok, maybe a bit of purging. Of course I've had to make my way through piles and piles to get to my laptop to write this LOL Join the club!