Monday, December 29, 2008

Post-Christmas Chaos

We have just returned from two "away" Christmases. We are tired. The house I lovingly decorated for Christmas has turned into chaos. I'm attempting to sort things into piles. Then I will further sort the piles. Some piles are garbage. Some piles are soon to be garbage. Some piles are new toys. Some piles are broken things. Some piles are old cookies. Some piles are soon to be old cookies. Some (most) piles seem to be laundry. Some piles are things the cat threw up on while we were gone. My mother-in-law gave us a pile of items she no longer wanted.

The dog has consumed many things he shouldn't and we are awaiting the results. The chocolate things didn't seem to kill him. I'm curious about what the red crayon is going to do. I need to locate the items the cat has removed from the tree and possibly stored in his hidey-hole. There is probably a pile there.

The Christmas vacation days are piled up ahead of us. There are seven more days until school begins again. I have a pile of errands to do. A pile of playdates to set up.

I should have entitled this post "piles." I thought that would sound too nasty, though.

Anybody out there working on a pile of New Year's resolutions? That is one pile I'm not going to work on.

p.s. Happy Birthday Wiggy


wiggy said...

Thanks for the birthday wish. Why is it I do not remember birthdays of friends and family? Good luck with your daughter's playdates this week, and I feel for you sorting through the chaos from Christmas. My dog survived an invasion of chocolate the Christmas before last too.

Happy New Year!

Gabriela said...

Hi Kim, you sound like me exactly!
Went away after decorating my home, dogs chew things they are not supposed to,etc!
Well, it will all get taken care of in time!
Happy New Year!