Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let's Put Up the Christmas Pole -- It's Festivus!!!

Well, there is no photo here. Why? I don't have time. Why not? It's Christmastime.

I was feeling very festive last week. Now, not so much. I feel more like the Tasmanian Devil. Where did my ho go? That really shouldn't be funny. The word "ho" has gone downhill. But I digress.

What the devil happened to "all is calm, all is bright?" We're not calm here. And why not?

I'm putting up and decorating lots of trees. I've got cookie dough to make. I have a Christmas party to plan and cook for. I have to clean the house for that. We're gonna have overnight guests. I'll have to clean the bedrooms and wash all the sheets. We'll be donating our room to guests, so I'll have to clean that one too. I've got to buy presents and wrap presents. I've got to do my Christmas cards. Hey, just did the invitations -- now I've got to start over???

Most of the trees are up & the garland has been hung. I've hung balls from the garland, because that is what my family likes. I've thrown out Christmas lights and have purchased new ones. I have dug through the basement for extension cords.

There will be cookie baking and fudge making (my dad's favorite gift). There will be the usual homemaking activities, then we have to pack up just about everything and visit two sets of family.

I've got a long way to go. Somebody is not going to get everything they want this year. Not all of those damn ornaments are going to be hung. There are several years of "collectible" ornaments and snowglobes given to my daughter from other family members. I found a few today. Many more are still hiding in boxes. They are staying there until next year at least. None of my trees (yes, I love Christmas trees) have toppers. They used to. They are somewhere. They will stay somewhere until next year.

Some people will come to our Christmas party expecting certain cookies to be baked just for them. There gonna have to wait until next year, or the next.

I'm going to come up with a long list of things I'm not going to do.

Let Santa bring me some coal.

Don't care.

Gotta get my "ho" back.

Next year things will be different. I plan on doing even less. I'll still put up those trees, because I love them. I will still buy presents for my family, because I love them. I'll still pack up and visit my family & you know why. Something has got to give. Next year, I will be calm (if not bright).

Or I could just the George Costanza way & put up the Festivus pole, have the feats of strength event, and air our grievances.

Soon, I promise (on top of everything else I have promised), I will finish a couple of pieces and actually show you photos.

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Nellie's Needles said...

In spite of it all, you sound as though you have a handle on it all. Maybe you're not "super woman", but you seem to be a super mom and super daughter and super whatever other hats you wear.
Here's hoping you get some ho back soon.