Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Box Customer Service (not)

A couple of weeks ago, my five-year-old daughter and I went to our only fabric and sewing store. One of the big ones. I'm sure everyone would know the store. Don't feel I should mention the name, however.

I had a long list of items, half of which were already in my basket. My daughter starts doing a little dance and tells me she has to use the bathroom. Earlier experiences have taught me to go to an employee and ask for the key to the restroom. I approach an employee who is sitting on the floor stocking the shelves. She tells me they don't have a bathroom, and to go to the store next door. She says that "corporate" (sounds eerie) has permanently locked the restrooms. I ask where the employee goes when she needs a restroom. She says nothing and turns away from us. I thought maybe she didn't hear, so I asked again. I asked her back if she really wants me to put down my basket, go to another store, and actually come back and resume shopping. Of course, there is no answer. My daugher informs me that she can hold it. She does. We finish up. I come home and Google for sewing supplies.

The result of this well-known store's inconsideration is my purchase from addictedtocrafts.
(Sorry, I haven't figured out links yet. The link might work, it might not.) They had everything I needed -- needles, steam-a-seam, marking pencils, Velcro, even Coats and Clark thread (although I haven't figured out their color#s yet). I should email "corporate" at that big box store and thank them for helping me to discover this site.

I'm always willing to hear from others about great places to purchase supplies. draft

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paula said...

what drama for shopping eh? I take it you live in the boonies :)
I experience frustration when I have to go to those places, I have learned to stop shopping and go online when possible. Even the Home Depot here doesn't seem to carry what 'normal' ones carry.
but at least they have stalls for customers!
I'm impressed with your tact and responses.