Friday, February 27, 2015


This is just a section of a piece that I have in an exhibition celebrating International Women's Day next weekend.

I find it very difficult working to a theme.  Give me lots of restrictions on a project of my choice and that's ok.  Tell me what it's going to be about and it is a struggle.

I'll post the piece in full after the exhibition is up (and after I have taken a satisfactory photo of the entire piece).

I struggled with beginning the piece for several days until I saw Shovels & Rope in concert.  They are a local band now making it big.  Ten minutes after Cary Ann Hearst walked out on the stage in her red dress, I knew I had the basis for this piece.

By the way, if Shovels and Rope comes to your town, go see them.


Joy Murray said...

Lovely piece. It looks vibrant & strong. I'd love to see the whole piece. I love your lines.

Susan said...

I cannot wait to see the completed piece too! Please show us soon!!!!! Take care Hogie!

Professor Chaos said...

Holy Cow, Shovels and Rope are fantastic! Thanks for the tip. Those harmonies!