Friday, August 9, 2013

This Week at Camp Lazy

8:45 - Wake up

8:45-9:30 - iPad movies in bed

9:30-9:45 - Breakfast

9:45-11:45 - Who the hell knows

11:45-12:15 - lunch

12:15 - 3:00 - who the hell knows

3:00 - 4:30 - do something constructive time (no parental monitoring)

4:30-5:30 - lounge in bathtub (probably unnecessary as no calories were burned)

5:30 - 6:00 - piano practice

6:00-6:45 - who the hell knows

6:45 - 7:15 - dinner

7:15-8:00 - movie time

8:00-???  story time, reading, who the hell knows, bed

My daughter has spent most of her summer in camps.  Acting, cooking, hiking, swimming, other kinds of activities that require more than just breathing.  Now, camps are done and the adults in the family are out working, cleaning for the renters, and packing for the move back to Charleston.  I don't have time for parental monitoring.  I'll be paying for this later when the iPad has fused itself to my daughter's hands.  I'm racking up the bad mothering citations.

And my stories about children in other countries working in mines or mills get no reaction.

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Professor Chaos said...

Camp Lazy? I want to go to there!