Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer of Fabric

Nightblooming, 5.5 x 4", fiber ©2013 K.Hambric

A summer return to State College, PA.

A respite from the summer heat in Charleston, SC.

Today's temperature in Pennsylvania - 89.  In Charleston 84.

I'm sure the proper order of things will come about soon.

I'm back to using fiber for the summer.  The vast majority of my paints and paper, and most other necessary items, are still in Charleston.  My fabrics, threads, beads and sewing machines remain here in Pennsylvania. I've chosen to work mainly with scraps this summer and create very small pieces.  I would rather be working with my paints and papers and be creating with happier colors, but here we are.

I'm trying my best to have fun with these pieces.  Sometimes fun for me can be a bit dark.  I'm not creating as readily and prolifically as I planned.  Perhaps it is the result of having only darker colors to begin with?

While I am enjoying a quiet summer here, I'm trying my best NOT to count down to the end of summer.  Exactly one month.  School starts down there for my daughter in mid-August (yes, southern people ARE crazy), so we will be thrust back in the land of heat and bright color in just four weeks.

I'm trying to convince myself to go into the studio and play around with my dark, earthy fabrics.  It is quite hot. Especially in the attic studio.



Professor Chaos said...

Do you make those textiles yourself, or are you working with exisating patterns? I never really realized what an art textile-making is until this most recent season of Project Runway (Yes, I admit it, I loooove PR!)

Kim Hambric said...

Professor, some of the fabrics I dye or paint myself. Some are commercially-made batiks. I carve my own stamps and stamp on the fabric with acrylic paint. And if I feel like it, I draw flowers on the finished pieces. Sometimes I mess up and those pieces are never seen again.

Professor Chaos said...

Coooool. Must be fun to be talented!

ArtPropelled said...

This is a lovely piece Kim! I imagine these earthy colours make you feel hotter in mid summer conditions but I love them. Sometimes it's good to be squeezed by circumstance into doing something other than what you want to do. Fighting against it all the way.... I know the feeling, but often I'm surprised by the results.