Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Charleston. The Little Things. Part 1

I've had my new Canon Rebel camera since Christmas.  I have done so little with it.  I'm somewhat intimidated by it.  I am easily intimidated.

Today I decided to take a short walk with my camera.  My plan was not to take "big" pictures.  I am most fascinated by the little things in my new town -- especially the small bits of foliage that have carved out hostile places to live.

I can somehow relate to them.


ArtPropelled said...

You're off to a good start. I also enjoy the little details.... and I'm also intimidated by new fancy cameras. My hubby was going to give me one for Christmas and I begged him not to in case I was too stupid to operate it.

Susan said...

Oh Kim, I love the pictures of the plants trying to creep up and out of the cracks and blossom. Isn't that life?

I itch to get a fancy camera, but I also would be intimidated on how to use it. Have fun experimenting with it.