Thursday, March 14, 2013

and Beyond

(exploration and experimentation)

I'm finally working on my newest piece in more than three months.

I've heard of artists moving and, between packing, moving and unpacking, almost no time was lost.  Can't say that about myself.

A new city invites (demands) almost constant exploration.

My new piece is based on exploration and experimentation.  I've spent this week working with Vasco
da Gama, Charles Darwin, Ferdinand Magellan, Isaac Newton and Henry the Navigator (whoever that is).  The piece also includes some bird and boating imagery.  Perhaps this all reflects my move to Charleston.  If so, it was not intentional.  This piece also contains a diagram and information about diphtheria.  I'm hoping there is no connection there.

To infinity . . . and beyond!


Cheri said...

I know exactly how you feel. Having moved house several times over the last 30 years I still find that it takes me a good year before I'm feeling comfortable in my new environment. When the new work starts pouring out of me, I know I'm finally there.

p.s. I love the colors you're using on this new piece!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I like your use of blue with the soft grays in photos and text. Moving always puts me behind for months especially when it comes to creating. I don't even have to move to have a work hiatus !

Looking forward to seeing this work completed.

Unknown said...

Love the new studio--and new project! Your friends at Write Despite have nominated this blog for a Liebster Award. Please see details at:

Professor Chaos said...

We moved to Atlanta nearly eight years ago and we're still exploring. Hope you have many happy discoveries in CTown.

Kelly M. said...

Viewed in a larger size, I was intrigued by your process and materials! Hope all is well with you; it has been awhile since I've actively visited my fellow bloggers!