Thursday, November 15, 2012

First List of Lasts

Right now, I am having some trouble looking forward to the move to Charleston.  Maybe it has something to do with my father's health.  Perhaps I think to much about ALL OF THE STUFF that needs to be done.  Or maybe it is just in my nature.  Whatever.  I can't get to thinking about the firsts that will happen with my move.  I'm concentrating on the lasts.

1.  Last day without my house being filled with packing boxes.  That day has already come and gone.

2.  Last year I will see my Japanese maples in their fall glory.

3.  This morning, I completed the last piece in my studio.

4.  Last Christmas in my house.  I did not know until last week that Christmas 2011 was the last Christmas in my house.  We have decided to move on out of here before Christmas, visit family and divest and accrue presents on the way down, and greet the movers on December 27th.


Marty Mason said...

Kim, don't worry, just enjoy the newness of it all. I look forward to seeing the FIRST collage from your new studio.

paula said...

all you have is now woman....the past doesnt exist and the future hasnt happened. be in it and expand!

jason said...

charleston!? oh wow!

But moving is way to deny it. That's why (sadly?) I still live in the same city I was born in.

Professor Chaos said...

Damn, those trees are gorgeous! No way you could dig them out and bring them with you?

Susan said...

I know how hard it is to move, and I can feel your sadness with this post. BUT, I also see that you are getting your fresh start in a city you fell in love with. A new house to make your own. A new studio to set up. I am excited for you and for all of your NEW beginnings.