Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Returning from Something Almost Completely Different

Tools at the Ready

Yes, it was an inspirational week at Art & Soul in Portland, OR.

I arrived early afternoon the Saturday before last.  Coffee, register for classes, empty the suitcases.  Less than an hour later I am heading for the train to take me to downtown Portland.

Eat.  Explore.  Coffee.  Wine.  Beer.  Powell's Books.

And the adventure of getting on the wrong train.  How was I to know that a new train line would be added last month?  Certainly was not on my old map.  But an hour spent going and returning in unknown parts of the city reminded me of my love for bridges and trains and my need to move on every now and then.

Monday and Tuesday, I attended a class taught by Jesse Reno. Wow! What I thought could be an extremely intimidating class taught by a pretentious ass turned out to be the experience of a lifetime. Have you ever mixed paint colors in the palm of your hand by splurting gobs of paint from gallon-sized jugs of paint topped with pump dispensers? I have and it feels damn good. And then to smear it across a clean surface, or a recently painted surface that you are just not happy with? Jesse is an enthusiastic and engaging artist.  I was way wrong to assume he would be a pretentious ass.   Wednesday and Thursday, I did an about face and took a class thought by Donna Watson. Time to slow down, plan ahead, and restrict the color palette. Restraining yet freeing. Calming. Until my precious, painted rice papers get yanked up into the brayer. I learned much, but didn't learn how to be patient. Perhaps that is better achieved in her 5-day course.

 A similarity between classes: in both I can learn from and even use my mistakes. This works well for me.

 Now, to translate what I've learned into my own art. A little difficult right now. We will be closing on our 'new' home in Charleston, SC, very soon and packing and organizing must begin. I've carved out a little time to create, but mostly what I've done so far is organize a few tools for the photo above.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You're moving? Keep me apprised of your new address please.

Susan said...

Oh Kim, sounds like you had a very interesting week. Make sure you make an artist's bag for those creative pangs while you organize and pack your dearest possessions.

Keep us updated on this adventure.

ArtPropelled said...

I'm so envious but delighted that you have done both the Jesse Reno and Donna Watson classes. Good luck with your packing, Kim.

paula said...


Giselle Vidal McMenamin said...

Really enjoyed reading your post! So honest and right to the point. And yes that putting paint right on the palm of your hand and smearing it across a clean surface sounds devine! Glad you got a lot out of your adventures!

aimee said...

what a great opportunity and it sounds like you had a fab week! I'd move to Portland in a flash! And speaking of moving, I hope yours goes well (having just finally wiped my eyes of the last speck of relocation dust) -- best of luck! Charleston is awesome! xoxo

Ingrid said...

I've been following your last few posts with awe. You are able to speak so clearly about many things that I face as well- long cold winters, no studio sales, aging parents, and the wondering of how to make a change. I've done the relocating thing enough for now- two cross country moves in the last 9 years. So I am settled in now to the coast of Maine. I envy your self designed art retreat! What a gift to give yourself this fall. This is going on my wish list! good luck on your next step!