Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Fine

So Fine, 5 x 5" ©2011 Kim Hambic

This piece represents blue skies and a general feeling of well-being.

Right now the skies are gray and threatening to spit snow.  I am experiencing a lovely head cold.  Perhaps if I stare at this piece long enough, I will feel much better.

Yes, to me this piece is bright and happy.  To others, it is probably too dark and grim.  What's your take?


Kelly M. said...

agree totally -- it's crisp and bright, a good work to counteract the grayness of November! Hope you feel better soon -- and I think you're right -- blogland has been dumped for FB -- bah, humbug! :-(

Sharmon Davidson said...

I agree with you; it's bright and clear, and happy in a not-too-cheery way. I love the bird, and the tree/vines on the left. Nice work!