Thursday, June 16, 2011

Be Blue

When I'm happy, I post a great deal.

Any Color, 5 x 5", ©2011 Kim Hambric

Well, it's been quite a while since I posted.

I know, I know, everybody loves happy happy happy blogs.

Sorry I can't be more accommodating.

Blue is sometimes o.k.

This piece is approximately the 430th piece I have created and named.  Some of my pieces are included in a named series (Mid-Life Crisis, Signs of the Times, etc.)  Often it is enjoyable to come up with a title.  Sometimes it is a struggle.  This piece was going to be titled B Blue about 20 minutes ago, but when I looked closely at the piece, I noticed the words "any color" in the blue painted text.  And so it was named.

Artists, collectors, viewers, does the title of a piece matter to you?

This piece is available on Etsy.


paula said...

good question kim. sometimes a name can give it that extra punch but if i like the piece (that i made or i am looking at) it doesnt matter. if the name is great and the art sucks...mmmmm it still sucks dont it?

i like your new work...this series intrigues me and i hope you keep doing it!

paula said...
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Marty Mason said...

Sometimes I name, sometimes I don't....because sometimes I've lost interest in what I'm working on and am ready to move on. I distract easily.....but I do know that this is a great series whether named or not! As always, I enjoy.

Susan said...

B' BLUE..... Kim, life will never roll the way we wish. There will be ups and downs, and believe me I have had my downs. I think YOU are thinking that something should be coming of your work, and that is income. It does not work that way. I know you hurt with your Mom being gone, but you have your Dad and you have Karen. But the most important parts of your whole family right now is Lilly and your Hubby.
Talk to the heavens at the time you always had set. Mom is looking down on you and does not want you being sad. She had her life, and this is your time for life.

Hogie, I want something created to remember you,Amy, Me, and all that surrounded us.


Thea Belecz said...

Yes, I think the title is important. It adds extra interest and may indicate what the artist had in mind when creating the piece. I like to try for titles with double meanings because I like the mystery of that. Ex: a piece of mine called "Duality: Space and Spirit".

I very much like your works lately and am impressed by how much you get DONE!!

Sharmon Davidson said...

I like all these blue pieces, Kim, and to be honest, I prefer honesty over a too-sweet "life's a bowl of cherries" blog. (Because we all know it's not, unless you're on excessive drugs.) As for the title thing, I agree with you- some seem to arrive with a title, and some I struggle over. I do think a title gives the viewer something to go on, interpretation-wise, though.