Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Place, Part I

Where are you? Are you in the right place?

You Are Here I, 7 x 7" ©2009 K. Hambric

You Are Here II, 9 x 9" © 2009 K. Hambric

I'm still looking for the right place.

When you step out your front door (or the back if that is what you prefer), how do you feel?  Excited?  Anxious?  Content?  Depressed?

You walk down the sidewalk and stop at the street.  Which way do you turn?  Where do you go?


Chris said...

Am I in the right place? I'm at work, is that "right?"
I keep repeating over and over: "I am lucky to have a job."

I enjoyed looking at your last few posts. As always, you work is fab.

Nellie's Needles said...

"X"marks the spot!

... and yes, I'm in the "right place", even though my front door is about to be in another state ... that will be the "right place", too.