Wednesday, February 16, 2011

STILL in the Experimental Phase

This must be my longest phase ever.  The Experimental Phase.

Both of these unnamed pieces are 6 x 6".  They've been hanging around for a week or so.  I have two other new ones to post soon.

Yesterday was the do it now experiment.  Minimal thinking allowed.  I got a lot done.  It was fun.  I'm doing it again today.  I find I'm more productive when I stop agonizing over each mark.  I'm afraid to go into the studio and look at the results this morning.   I worry that I will melt into a puddle of embarrassment when I see what I have done.

If I never return, I've melted.


Marty Mason said...

Oh, you'll be back - your spontaneous work is just right!

Chris said...

Nice work, FISH! It's hard to work the way you are working, yet very easy. You definitely can be pleased with yourself and hate it the next day. Every piece is a necessary path to the next piece. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

Dr. MVM said...

Those look amazing. Well done you.

paula said...

right on!!!
love these, especially the first one.
you are proof that not thinking is good.

Kim Hambric said...

Actually, to me anyway, the shapes are women. And I was thinking a bit when I did these. The non-thinking ones will be shown soon.

This seems to be the messy writing stage. The non-messy writing stage is something I will never get to.

Susan said...

Kim, These are great. I received my package and thanks for the extra item that is going in my art room. I cannot wait to see what else you are creating. And I totally understand how you can hit a brick wall when you worry about every mark you put down. You're BACK!!!!! : ) (makes me smile)

ArtPropelled said...

Hope you havn't melted :-)
Experimental work thrills me because it opens the door to new series. The hard part is to just let go and work for the purpose of learning and loosening up .... without any expectations. These pieces are exciting and I particularly like the addition of handwriting. Glad you are back Kim!!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...'re not melting...just evolving!!! Keep is up...just try to stay out of your own is fun and that's how you know you're on the right track!!! Cheers!

red-handed said...

I love all the layering here, and the text really works. Good job!

Dana Barbieri said...

love the experimental stage kim. can't wait to see more.