Friday, January 21, 2011

Still Unnamed

Still Unnamed, 6 x 6", ©2011 K. Hambric

Yet another piece that remains to be named.  I'm thinking that the title Still Unnamed might just be appropriate.

I have so many feelings that are yet to be named.

Perhaps this piece is not yet finished.  That black thought cloud looks so oppressive and blank.  Yet, that is the point.

And what is the story with these colors?  Why are all of my latest pieces the same colors?  Do I choose them because I already have them laying about on the worktable?  Have these colors found me?  Am I deliberately choosing them?  Am I just being lazy?

Am I asking too many questions?  I'm thinking, "no."


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Good stuff. I like it very much.

Rita Vindedzis said...

I like your new direction Kim. The bold colors and text are very graphic and fun. You're asking a question that's been on my mind also recently. As artists how doe we choose the colors we use? I personally think it`s an intuitive thing. Sometimes I find myself reaching for a color (or lack of) because it just feels right to the piece. I`ve kept some very colorful paintings my son did as a toddler out on display for color inspiration if you will. Kids at this age choose color intuitively. Of course this is before they start school and are taught to conform-the strip of blue across the top is the sky, the strip of green along the bottom is the grass, and the house is brown.

Oh and never ever stop asking questions. :-)

Unknown said...

I do love that black thought bubble with the gentle no and a bird goes flying high...

Susan said...

I really like the piece.

Now with you asking too many questions, well you are not. I have found that I have been asking a lot of questions to myself lately.

Can't wait to see some more art!

Fibra Artysta said...

I really love this piece. And I like the name of it too, it feels very right.