Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Love of Bowls

This morning, I paid a visit to the the blog of Robyn Gordon, blogging goddess. So many bowls. So little time. Have a look.

I love a bowl.

I feel that there is nothing that a bowl can't contain.

Bowls are for gathering (receiving).

Bowls are for serving (giving).

My favorite bowl memories are my grandmothers serving potatoes and beans at family dinners.

I took a quick bowl tour around my house this morning, and this is what I saw.

Pinecones.  My favorite decorations (aside from bowls, of course).  Flea market bowl.

Daughter's art class project in handmade bowl.  I went back for more from the artist, alas, she only makes dramatic bowls now.  I like 'em simple.

Ready to hang ornaments in metal mixing bowl.

Teeny tree in artist's wooden bowl.  Love the handcarved leaf decorations.  Note pinecones.

Oh, my darlin' . . . oh, my darlin' . . . Clementines in antique pressed-glass bowl.  We will tell my daughter that it was my grandmother's when we pass it on.  Unfortunately, we have already broken all of my grandmother's glass bowls.  Who am I kidding?  This glass bowl probably won't make it that long.

Game tiles in bowl, ready to be used.

My daughter's collection of rubber animals.

One of my kitchen shelves.  Not my grandmother's glass bowls, black Target bowls, white bowls from my all-time favorite ceramic artist.

I LOVE a bowl.


paula said...

back in the day i loved to buy bowls too. ceramic ones. big ones...
i love that you have a tree in one :)
bowls are fun. i loved robyns post too

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You remind me of the other person who lives in my house. She loves all kinds of dishes, but mostly bowls.

Pearl said...

For just the teeniest of moments I thought your Christmas tree was in an enormous bowl, and I thought, now how the hell did she do that?!


Susan said...

Oh Kim, I do like your use of your mirrors behind the bowls. The layering of the things you love make such a lovely display.

I love your things!!!

aimee said...

ours seems to wind up being catchalls for all the picky stuff that ends up in our house. wish mine could have nice, organized collections like yours!

ArtPropelled said...

Teeny tree in artists bowl! My favourite!
Kim, thanks so much for the mention and the wonderful new title :-)