Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've been a bad blogger lately.

My blogs have been few and far between.

And when I write them, they're generally all about me, me, me.

I do come up with interesting posts in the shower or while I'm trying to get to sleep at night. After I am toweled off or when I wake up, all of those thoughts are gone. Generally they are replaced with health issues (mine and other family members-including animals), mental to do lists, holiday panic, and just those blank periods (memory lapses?) that my doctor assures me are normal in premenopausal women.

When will I have new work to show? When will I begin to list all of my artistic accomplishments (sales, new galleries, etc.)? Beats me.

Until then, and since that week of giving thanks is upon us, all I want to say is a thank you to those who have left such supportive comments lately. It means so much to me to find new, lengthy, and thoughtful comments on my posts. I appreciate the time you've taken to encourage me.

I'm attempting to enter Seth Apter's new call for entry. It requires the creation of very personal artwork. Heaven knows what I'll dig up from inside of me (if, indeed, there is anything there at all). If it's all been about me, me, me, so far, why am I having so much trouble with this? I found a little white sheep that I cut out of a book a while back, it seems to want to be in this piece.

Now, I'm off to try to think up a real post. One with pictures and everything. Perhaps I should take another shower and lie in bed and see if anything comes to mind.


jason said...

why wouldn't they be about you you you? Isn't that the point? :)

But I'm wishing you luck with the entry!

Seth said...

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with Kim.

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