Saturday, October 17, 2009

Talkin' 'bout my Generator

Up here in central Pennsylvania (or down here for some of you) it is winter. It was fall just a few days ago. The leaves were turning and the dog and I would enjoy ourselves walking through the leaves and raising our faces to the brisk breezes.

Today, if one raises their face to the sky, I might just get smacked with a falling tree.

A nasty, wet, heavy snow started to come down Thursday morning. Put the stress on the word heavy. Every few hours I would swing an ice-laden broom up into the sagging trees to attempt to knock the snow off. Eventually I lost that battle. Half a redbud is splayed across my garden. The little dogwood is missing, my Japanese maple is at a 90 degree angle. Out front, the large trees started to break apart Thursday afternoon. At midnight on Thursday the power went out. All through the "silent" night I could hear the splintering and crashing of the old maples and elms in my neighborhood. The drunken students yelled in response. I got no sleep.

Friday morning, hubby filled up the generator and hooked it up. We have a stove, furnace and hot water heater to keep us warm. And two lamps downstairs. And obviously the computer. We are lucky. Hubby has been patting himself on the back.

Four years ago, watching and reading of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, hubby realized that life after disaster is pretty much up to the individual. He purchased a generator immediately. It has remained silent until now. Now I kind of feel like an elitist as I take a warm shower (in the dark) and locate an outlet that is working so I can make some coffee. So far no one has taken us up on our offer to use our shower, but the longer this goes on, the more like it seems we will be passing out towels.

More snow due today. Hubby and I will be sitting in Beaver Stadium watching football. Nothing I like better than sitting outdoors in the rain and snow. At least I'll have a warm home to come home to.

So, won't be going up into that cold studio for a while. Hard to do any work without the lights. At least I can blog. Whheeeeee.


Rita Vindedzis said...

Oh I thought of you this morning Kim, when I turned on the Today show and I heard that State Collage was the hardest hit. Hope you all stay warm and safe.

Marty Mason said...

Yes, you were on the Weather Channel also. Hopefully you'll get back to normal soon. In the meantime, enjoy the purr of that generator.

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