Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Old Pieces, Part One

A few months ago, I removed my Ebay store. The goal was to quickly transfer all artwork over to Etsy. You see how quickly that happened, huh?

I've decided to pick up the pace. I have added the Midlife Crisis series to Etsy.

Actually, these pieces aren't so old. I just made them last summer. But in this age of rampant technology, everything seems aged after just a few days.

I have put together and photographed (in high winds) one of the pieces shown a couple of posts ago. This piece should go on Etsy tonight. Three other pieces have been put together and quilted and are awaiting their buttoning, beading and gluing. Hopefully I can get another new piece on Etsy this week.

Yes, I still love orange!!!


ArtPropelled said...

Phew...Midlife Crisis IV is pretty hot! These pieces are brilliant! One would expect a midlife crisis series to be falling apart :-)
Sorry couldn't resist.
Talking about stores and shops, I was wondering if we could have a shop blog where prices are included. Do you know if it's possible or if it goes against Blogger regulations?

Dolores said...

Orange and black - hmmm, just in time for Hallowe'en.

layers said...

I have to agree-- you definitely love orange. I think everyone has their own colors-- my favorite is taupe-- so you see orange would not fit into my studio :-)

Anonymous said...